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Update 1 – Motion to Vacate or Set Aside Conviction was filed and denied

In May 2016, the Motion 2255 to Vacate or Set Aside Conviction was filed and denied in October 2017.  In November 2017, a Motion for Reconsideration was filed and was amended in December 2017 to show perjured testimony by Rusch, and the U.S. Attorney’s may have not followed proper procedure to represent the U.S.

Teilborg ruled that the U.S. Attorneys were inferior officers and they had the authority to represent the U.S. in the District of Arizona. If in fact the Attorneys are inferior officers, they are not allowed to represent the U.S. in a court of law. They must be officers of the U.S. which requires senate confirmation. This is ignorance of the constitution. See update two (2).

The Motion for Reconsideration was denied in September 2018. Judge Teilborg would not compel the government to produce my IRS Individual Master File because this information could have been learned prior to the appeal.  It was hidden in the IMF file that was requested at trial.  This is comical! The two experts, Rusch, who prepared the returns and IRS agent Bradley, who completed the audit, gave perjured testimony about the forms. See update three (3).

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