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Clinton “Killing Machine” Destroyed Phoenix Man

This is the third in a series of articles focusing on the false conviction of Michael Quiel.

By Ron Lee


The Internet is rife with stories of the Clinton Body Count (CBC). It’s a list of Clinton associates that met untimely deaths, as well as notable figures whose deaths provided some sort of benefit to the Clintons. Most recently, Jeffrey Epstein’s death has been attributed the the CBC. While officially ruled a suicide, other medical examiners suggest the physical evidence proves Epstein was murdered. With potential revelations of Bill Clinton’s relationship with Epstein about to emerge, Clinton seemingly did benefit greatly from Epstein’s death. What isn’t talked about are the potentially untold numbers of individuals whose lives weren’t cut short but have been destroyed, nonetheless, at the direction of the Clintons. In the case of Michael Quiel, who got swept up in Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s bid to help Swiss bank UBS with a problem they were having with the IRS, Quiel was offered-up among 4,449 other U.S. Citizens as someone who “could have been avoiding taxes.”

The truth of the matter was, Quiel wasn’t avoiding taxes – he actually had a $1.4-million credit with the IRS. However, that didn’t stop an overzealous Department of Justice (DOJ) who took the IRS’s imaginary case against Quiel through to conviction. You see, the conviction was bought and paid for by UBS to the Clintons to keep the bank’s big account holders secret and to keep the bank from losing out on Billions in investment.

A July 30, 2015 report by Wall Street Journal (WSJ):

“A few weeks after Hillary Clinton was sworn in as secretary of state in early 2009, she was summoned to Geneva by her Swiss counterpart to discuss an urgent matter. The Internal Revenue Service was suing UBS AG to get the identities of Americans with secret accounts.

“If the case proceeded, Switzerland’s largest bank would face an impossible choice: Violate Swiss secrecy laws by handing over the names, or refuse and face criminal charges in U.S. federal court. Within months, Mrs. Clinton announced a tentative legal settlement—an unusual intervention by the top U.S. diplomat. UBS ultimately turned over information on 4,450 accounts, a fraction of the 52,000 sought by the IRS.”

According to Michael Quiel in his new book Rigged, “When that small list of names—which included mine—was turned over to the United States, the pressure was on to make those convictions stick. The government needed to get a lot of bang for its buck, so those names went straight to the DOJ, which operates under a presumption of criminality. I believe there was a mandate to get a conviction in my case, not to learn the truth.”

As reported by the IRS, only 57 people were ever indicted and 49 were convicted out of the thousands of accounts that were disclosed.

So, what did the Clintons receive for the offering of these parties to the altar of perceived justice?

Again, from the WSJ article:

“Total donations by UBS to the Clinton Foundation grew from less than $60,000 through 2008 to a cumulative total of about $600,000 by the end of 2014, according to the foundation and the bank. The bank also joined the Clinton Foundation to launch entrepreneurship and inner-city loan programs, through which it lent $32 million. And it paid former president Bill Clinton $1.5 million to participate in a series of question-and-answer sessions with UBS Wealth Management Chief Executive Bob McCann, making UBS his biggest single corporate source of speech income disclosed since he left the White House.”

That intense pressure to make the charges stick, which Quiel discusses in his book, must have come straight from Hillary Clinton’s state department – to show the public they were making an effort to thwart these “abusive tax-avoidance schemes” and to live up to her obligations to handle the situation.

As we outlined in the first of our series of articles focusing on the false conviction of Michael Quiel, Fraud on the Court Through Prosecutorial Misconduct, something had to make prosecutors commit fraud on the court to get their conviction, as the facts alone in Michael Quiel’s case sure wouldn’t have swayed a jury to find him guilty.

In Rigged, Quiel points out the fact that he was found innocent of several of the charges and only found guilty on the two charges where the, once alleged and recently proven, fraud on the court had been most focused. It is a significant reminder that justice isn’t a product of the judicial system.

The pain and suffering Michael Quiel and his family have endured as a result of this false conviction, shows that while he didn’t lose his life, the Clinton Body Count should include the innocent who were decimated by this wrongful conviction – all so that the Clintons could prosper. Perhaps then, the Clintons would be exposed for the pay-for-performance political crooks they have always been.


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