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Judge James Teilborg

William Jefferson Clinton was elected president in 1992. President Clinton nominated Judge James Teilborg on July 21, 2000.  In the last order from Judge Teilborg, after brought to his attention, he lied about my requests for my Internal Master File from the IRS.  Judge Teilborg had the opportunity to compel the IRS to get my IMF, but instead, Judge Teilborg stated if I would have requested the files prior to appeal, and received them, I would have evidence they did exist. Thus, the Court would not reconsider the claim because it “involves information that could have learned…… prior to trial”. This is a blatant lie because not only did we request the IMF file before the trial, we requested the file during the trial, and after the trial.  The trial transcript validates my claim.  I obtained my IMF file in February 2020, nearly 7 years after my trial.


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