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IRS Cheryl Bradley / Christopher Rusch / Reeves Consipracy

IRS Agent Cheryl Bradley had worked with Rusch / Reeves on an audit completed in 2006. This was prior to my trial for my tax years 2000 – 2003.  My request for my IMF file before, during and after trial continued for eight years. They purposely did not include these returns in evidence but only testified about them.  The reason I wanted my IMF file was because the forms that Rusch / Reeves filed on my behalf, proved Cheryl Bradley and Rusch / Reeves lied. Rusch / Reeves testified he checked the box and filed an FBARs for the same years (2000 – 2003). Cheryl Bradley verified his testimony and stated she received them. The only problem was the years they testified about, the box was not checked and no FBARs exist. They FABRICATED evidence so they could tell the jury that I was fully aware of what forms to file while they conspired the lie of importance of tax forms, they accuse me of filing incorrectly.  THIS IS THE EXACT SECTION OF THE RETURN I WENT TO PRISON FOR.  THE EXPERTS LIED!


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