The Michael Quiel Story about Rigged Justice!...

Legal Team

This was the legal team. Michael Minns represented Quiel and Michael Kimerer represented Kerr. Although we lost on two counts, and only because the government created its own evidence, the legal teams worked hard through the five week trial. I would highly recommend these attorneys to the governments new innocent victim.

Michael Minns


Minns & Arnett is a trial and appellate law firm based in Houston, Texas which tries Federal cases all over the United States. The firm focuses on complex tax matters and professional malpractice cases, with a concentration in criminal tax defense. The firm has litigated cases from New York to California, in Alaska and Hawaii, Texas and New Jersey.

Mike Kimerer

Mr. Kimerer has served on various State Bar and Supreme Court Committees. He served on the Supreme Court Committee to Review the Rules of Criminal Procedure, the Supreme Court Committee on Drug Testing and the Supreme Court Committee on Criminal Rules for Post-Conviction Relief. He sat on the committee appointed by the Legislature to review the Victims’ Rights Bills, and chaired the State Bar Committee for indigent representation in capitol cases. He also served on the Arizona Attorney General’s Capital Case Commission. He is a fellow and past president of the American Board of Criminal Lawyers, an invitation only national organization of the preeminent criminal defense attorneys in the country.

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